Virtual Office - Аутсорсинговый контакт-центр.CALL

Virtual Office service gives an opportunity to receive an efficient secretary that is always on line and doesn’t require constant control.

Virtual Office (or virtual secretary) receives and processes incoming calls and messages, readdress the information to the destination.

Be sure none of your call or a single bite of information will be missed.

Virtual Оffice will accept the calls, process them and will connect you with the desired employee of the company. More over the Virtual Secretary can receive and pass the information by means of a personal call.

Each telephone conversation will be recorded and provided in the report.

Virtual Office  is always ready to perform any work of a usual secretary like: to find out the necessary information, dial to the partners and clients, book tickets or a hotel, arrange the courier delivery, etc.

“Virtual Office” service is particularly convenient for the companies without an office or with a very small staff and for the companies whose employees work in different cities.

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