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A phone has become one of the most effective marketing tools and the art of telephone sales has become an important science, called telemarketing ( telesales).

Telemarketing is usually derided into incoming and outgoing. The first refers to the hot line, the second one is the questionnaires and telephone sales of goods and services.

The professional telemarketolog works more efficiently than a TV advertisement ( TV can be asked a question on the contrary to the telemarketolog).

Telemarketing is the fastest and the most effective way to increase the sales of exclusive goods!

Telemarketing is the cooperation with the so – called “cold” customers who didn’t apply for products service directly and personally but considered to be the potential consumers of the proposed product.

Attraction, searching clients, selling products and services:

  • identification of the potential clients, customers.
  • identification of decision markers responsible for a target group
  • cooperation with customers after the direct mail
  • invitation to events seminars and conferences.
  • searching the necessary information as for the companies of the target group
  • arranging sales promotion programs
  • selling goods and services

Support customer relationship:

  • maintenance of contacts and developing relationships with clients.
  • advertising campaigns
  • periodic telephone calls to the customers
  • restorations with inactive customers.

Before each project we perform the adaptation of a prepared talk scenario and make 10-15 free calls to estimate the approximate efficiency of the project. We are interested in long – tern cooperation and try to achieve the maximum result of our work to give you desired expectation.


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