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One of the types of the telephone polls is the project “Mysterious Shopper” . “Mysterious Shopper”is a kind of marketing study to assess the process of customer service by using specially trained people (mysterious shoppers) whose aim is carrying out the inspection on behalf of a potential actual customer and making detailed reports about its results.

The aim of the project “Mysterious Shopper” is to obtain an objective assessment of front – office units of those employees who work directly with your clients alt may be sellers consultants services etc. The success of your business depends on the efficient work of these people and requires an objective assessment.

The investigation of the “Mysterious Shopper” may be applied:

  1. To assess the personnel training system.
  2. For different kinds of staff motivations.
  3. To increase loyalty to the brand or product of the company.
  4. To evaluate the use of pos – materials and promotional actions.
  5. For the purpose of competitive intelligence.
  6. To stimulate sales.
  7. To assess the quality of processing applications from the computer site.

Evaluating the service quality by means of the “Mysterious Shopper” puts forward the estimating standards of the company whose outlets are being inspected. We make up a Tree secret shopper scorecard which includes all the necessary parameters to assess the effectiveness of your employees. Our project manager develops the conversation algorithms scenario where different variants of conversation between the “Mysterious Shopper” with your employee are shown. What is the successful criteria of the project and what are the basic requirements to achieve maximums results?

The basic rule of the given protect is the complete confidentiality. The second important rule is 100% reliability of the second important as the result of the protect can be reflected in further cooperation, additional compensation, identifying the need of training, in decision of desmissing and much more aspects.

Contact Center Call quarantines confidentiality accuracy objectivity and high quality of each completed project “Mysterious Shopper”.

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