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Social media is not just another communication channel. It’s a dynamic channel that allows your customer’s conversations to be amplified. It’s very important to to monitor, moderate, and engage in social interactions, while providing actionable insights, from online data.

With Social Media Management service you’ll get

  • Monitoring your brand and product mentions
  • Moderating your social content — keeping positive sentiment
  • Enhancing customer experiences via social Interaction
  • Social specific insights and analytics for better decision-making
  • The solution, provided by our the team of social specialist with years of experience

How it works

We are providing individual solution for your company. It could include: to be your «ears & eyes» in social networks, moderate your online communities, news, contests, chat, live events, reporting: metrics, sentiment analysis, moderation reports (dependent on abuse) and more.

Contact Us, and we’ll offer the most suitable Social Media Management solution for your company.

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