Orders Reception Service - Аутсорсинговый контакт-центр.CALL

Are you selling your products using catalogue or website? Entrust receiving of the orders to us, and concentrate all efforts on attracting and retaining your customers!

This service will help you to organize well-established process of orders acception. Your customers will be able to order goods 24/7, including holidays and weekends, getting all the necessary information by phone. Accepted orders will be send to your delivery administrator or as a reservation to the warehouse (according to the business-process of your company). If an unusual situation arises, the contact center operator will switch the caller to the required specialist in your company.

Why us?

  • You will not loose any orders
  • Customers get phone answer by the first call
  • You get friendly and competent operators
  • You’ll receive all information about orders in a form and time that are comfortable for you
  • You get an increase in the growth rates of your sales, while costs are reduced

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