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You sell goods through catalogs or by means of an line store? Entrust us the order taking service and concentrate all efforts on attracting and retaining your customers!

The given service helps you arrange well – established work in order taking service. Your consumers will be able to order goods 24 hours a day, including holidays or days off and to receive all the necessary information through the phone calls. The received orders will be submitted to the administrate of your company for the delivery or reserving goods in a warehouse / stock with the internal (in accordance with the internal rules of your company).

Order Processing Service. Why us?

  1. You do not lose a single order.
  2. Clients can dial your company immediately.
  3. Permanent friendliness and competence of operators.
  4. The whole order information is provided at fixed time in a convenient form.
  5. Simultaneous increasing of your sale growth and costs reducing.

Order the service — Order Processing Service


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