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When using a toll-free  telephone number 0-800 imposes no constraints  on the work activities that can be executed – it can be the  reference and information service and  the support service. With toll-free number you can organize the order booking and the virtual office too.

0-800 Hotlines benefits:

  • Due to the lack of pay for the call for potential customers  (including the long-distance connection), You will get a larger number of requests compared to a regular number
  • Increasing the  target audience response  on advertising, which allows to receive the estimation of efficiency of the conducted advertising campaign
  • 0-800 is a toll-free  telephone number that is unattached to any particular region so in all your promotional materials you can publish a single contact phone number; the call from a particular region can be forwarded  to the specific local office.
  • Using the toll-free number, supplies you with all benefits of the services data line and buying service as well as the flexibility and affordability of 0-800 phone numbers.
  • The right choice of the tsriff plan, optimizes the telecommunication costs and supplies your company with the positive image.

“Dot Call Center” will offer you the lease and will assist in regesttrating of the 0-800 toll-free telephone number(s). Our experts will help to choose the certain type number to make it the worst memorable in your advertising material.


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