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Achieve faster response times and consistent messaging with our E-mail Support Service. Today’s customers expect a timely, accurate response to their inquiry or they will become impatient and call into your customer service line, duplicating the initial inquiry and increasing costs due to lack of timely response.

With our E-mail support you’ll get

  • Immediate feedback to your customers
  • Letting customers know someone has received their inquiry and will get back to them within 24 hours
  • Instantly response, based on your FAQ database
  • E-mail escalation to a special skill or department
  • Responses, provided by agents recruited specifically for, and trained on written communication skills and email writing best practices
  • Daily quality monitoring to ensure answers are consistent and accurately portray your brand messaging
  • Reporting and data capture of email tickets and follow-up responses for further insight into your customer’s inquiries

How it works

Website visitor clicks the «Contact Us» on your website, or write a letter directly to your mailbox. Our operator receives e-mail and responds to a request immediately based on your FAQ database or escalates* a request and after that respond on e-mail. You get reports, metrics measurement* and satisfied customers.

*We are working with all kinds of Customer Service software.

Contact Us, and we’ll offer the most suitable E-mail Support solution for your company.

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