Outsourced contact center .CALL ( Dot Call )

Leave for my company only what I do better than others, give an outside contractor what he does better than others

Contact Center .CALL uses all possible channels of communication: incoming and outgoing calls, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), SMS, MMS, e-mail, chatting query processing , etc when developing solutions tasks entrusted to it by the Client.
Contact center services .CALL performed 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. All contact center run by professionals who have experience working with different clients.


The main goal of the contact center .CALL

Become a part of the business processes of the client to make his resources to work in other directions.

Outsourced contact center .CALL – is :
  • qualified employees
  • modern equipment
  • competitive rates
  • reliable software from reputable manufacturers
  • little time to prepare and launch projects
  • complete and objective information about calls received on the phone by Contact Center
  • storing files with recorded conversations
  • and much more


Working with DotColl since 2012, we have always been satisfied with the quality of the services provided. The work was done qualitatively, the operators complied with the norm, and the management team quickly reacted to the new requirements. In addition, the team always shows the best results among partners. In ...

Olga Likhatskaya

Company "Master of Friend"

We work with the company since July 2013. Cooperation is very satisfied. Always all working moments were resolved quickly. We will continue to cooperate with the company and recommend to our customers www.visotsky.org www.masterclass.com.ua

Garashchenko Dmitry

Head of the personnel and communications department

During the work, the contact center “Dot Koll” has established itself as a professional and responsible contractor. Operators of the contact center “keep the bar” in relation to indicators and quality of service. The work is done on time and in the required amount www.moedelo.org

Irina Bakanova

Company "My business"

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