Contact centre: Business Support in IT field

— Hello. My name is Brandon. Can I help you?
…friendly voice, clear speech, professional vocabulary. He seems to be the right person to help you. And he does!
The present application is designed for the players of IT field.
.CALL outsourcing contact center specializes in customer care and support of the companies working in the field of Informational Technology. We are very interested in cooperating with those who create something pioneering andunusual. Ideally, we are seeking to be involved in changing the world for the better!
.CALL contact center’s mission is to become the company’s image in customer’s care by incoming / outgoing communications.
We intend to do our best (and more) in order to present the company to the best advantage. We will undertake routine repetitive tasks, and will carry them out as if it’s for the first timeever, with a smile and willingness to help your client.
We already have worked with the following online resources:
.CALL team are young people trained in the basics of telesales and chatting, ready to learn new things. We will be glad to be helpful!
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